Friday, April 6, 2018

Prayer 1896: Friday of Easter Week

Almighty God, with our waking breath
we center our thoughts to praise You:
may our prayers ascend with the rising light.

Help us remember that You formed us
to walk in integrity and compassion,
with Christ as our bridge, to live a God-shaped life.
Help us lift up the weary,
give comfort to the struggling,
and stand with the oppressed.
Help us draw the world to You through our rejoicing,
radiating God's love with joy and hopefulness,
extolling God's mercy and healing in our lives.

Spirit of Truth, make your home within us,
that we may testify with power
that we have been redeemed and formed
through the love of our Savior.

Lord, all we are we offer to You:
consecrate us to your service today,
and pour out your blessing over those for whom we pray.


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