Thursday, April 5, 2018

Prayer 1895: For Thursday in Easter Week

Holy One, we lift our grateful hearts to You,
for You have created all things in beauty,
and sustain us through every moment:
thanks be to the Living God,
who guards our nights and our days!

Strengthen the love that binds us as your Body, Lord Christ,
that we may live into deeper holiness and wisdom,
empowered by your gospel to love without limit,
anointed by the Holy Spirit to be faithful witnesses to You
in all our words and actions.

Help us to set our minds upon your truth, O Savior,
that we may be your priestly people in the world,
caring for each other as a testimony
of the depth of our love for You.

Merciful One, we lay all our cares before You,
and ask your healing and blessing for all our needs,
especially those we remember before you now.


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