Saturday, February 10, 2018

Prayer 1841: In the arms of Christ, our Mother

Most Merciful God,
the rising light of dawn pulls me to wakefulness,
and calls me to seek You,
drawing deeply of your abundant love
as I come to You in prayer.

By your compassion and mercy
my soul is revived, O Holy One,
as when the dry ground gratefully absorbs fresh springs,
as when winter fields are blessed with warming rains.

You are my peace and my shield, Lord Christ:
gentle my ways,
and smooth the corners of my heart,
for like a mother You bear me
and keep me in your arms as your precious child.
Strengthen me to follow You, O Beloved Savior
in humility and lovingkindness,
in witnessing with joy
to the power and grace of the healing love of God
which seeks to reconcile us to all creation.
By the power of the Holy Spirit,
consecrate me and my labors to your glory.

Lord, You know our cares and our trials:
and we gather in your name as a community of prayer
to lift each other up in hope before You.
Grant your peace and holy respite
for all whose needs we lay at your feet
 knowing You are with us all, in joy or in trial.


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