Saturday, January 27, 2018

Prayer 1827

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,
we wait before You in reverence,
rejoicing in the power of your Spirit
as You have watched over our rest.

Shepherd of Our Souls,
You are the source of all blessing,
and we lift our grateful hearts to You,
singing out your lovingkindness.

You come to us across turbulent waters,
Beloved Savior,
and still the storms within and without
by the mercy of your healing presence.

We thank you, Lord Christ,
for the manifold gifts in our lives,
for the blessing of beloved friends,
for companions of our hearts,
who help us on our way
and reflect your love for us.

Accept our prayers and intercessions
for all the cares and concerns we carry in our hearts,
and send forth your angels to be the shield and comfort
of all who put their trust and hope in You.


Inspired in part by the daily office reading of John 6:16-27
Photo: Jesus walks on the water, unknown artist.

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