Friday, January 26, 2018

Prayer 1826: Companions in Wonder and Grace

Most Merciful One,
we rise to bless and thank You,
our praises and prayers rising like morning light.
We put our trust in You, O God:
clothe us in mercy and grace in all we do.

Blessed Jesus,
You restore our souls
and open our hearts to praise.
O Creator, You have stretched the day before us
as a beautiful canvas to be filled
like sails that carry us forward,
or with pigment to reflect your glorious creation.
Guide us on our journey today,
and open our eyes to see your wonders.

Let us proclaim your good news to the world
in every step we take, O Holy One:
may we remember all You have done for us
and practice grace and forgiveness with each other
and with ourselves
as we seek to serve You.

Make us loving companions,
steadfast in love,
slow to anger and abounding in kindness,
walking in the Way of Love Incarnate, 
as we pray.


Photo: My friend and mentor Pamela and I share a laugh over dinner over my rotten selfie skills during my visit earlier this month.

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