Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Prayer 1816: the Door of Compassion

Most Merciful One,
we offer You our hearts
overflowing with praise for your goodness.

We give You thanks for the gift of this day,
O Beloved Creator,
for our times are in your hand,
and your abundant love fills us with wonder.

Help us to find the door within us
to our hope, our compassion, and our love
which you, O Lord, knit into our souls at our birth.

May we drink deep
from the wellspring of holiness
that we may be extremists for love, truth, and justice
and witnesses to your glory, Lord Christ.

Gather into your embrace
all who suffer in body, mind or spirit,
give rest to all who are weary,
and restore the health of all who are ill.

Spread your mantle over us
as we seek to serve You, O God,
and extend your blessing over those we now name.


Photo: Meditation garden, Church of St. Martin, Davis, CA.

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