Monday, January 15, 2018

Prayer 1815: On the Martin Luther King holiday

Almighty God,
You created us in freedom,
and called us to live in truth:
may all that we do bring glory to your Name.

You send us martyrs and prophets,
such as the Rev. Dr. King,
to call us again
to live in covenant and mutuality with each other.

Prosper the work of those
who seek to heal the divides among us,
and forgive us for when we have failed to honor each other.

May we never forget
that to love each other is to love You,
and join hands and hearts
in kinship and unity with all your children.

Let us remember that the kingdom of God is our neighborhood,
and build our foundations on justice and equality.

Let us sit together at the table of fellowship,
and share each other's joys and hardships.

Bind the hearts of those who sorrow,
and build the strength of those who are bowed down, O Holy One.

Look with favor upon those who call upon You,
especially those we now name.


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