Monday, September 25, 2017

Prayer, day 1704

Light of Life, Love of All Loves,
hear our prayers, and hallow our ways.
We arise from our rest
with the seal of God's protection upon us,
and gratitude fills our hearts and our mouths.
Let our tongues sing out the glory of God,
who dawns upon us and provides light for our ways.

O Holy One, we rest within your embrace,
and put our trust in You,
for you have claimed us and delivered us.
Give us compassion for all living beings,
that we tread reverently upon the earth.
Strengthen us in walking your paths of mercy and humility,
just as we pray to receive mercy and forgiveness.

O God, we lift up the needs
of all those disquieted in body, mind, heart, or spirit:
let your blessing rest upon them.


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