Saturday, July 22, 2017

Prayer, day 1639: For God's blessing

Passion flower at the National Garden.
Almighty One,
Incarnate Love,
we lift our hearts to You in thanksgiving:
hear our prayer. 

May God bless us at our rising,
that we may dedicate this day
to the praise and glory of God's kingdom. 
May God bless us in our meditations,
that we may seek wisdom, compassion,
and unity with God and each other. 
May God bless us in our travels,
that our steps may take us toward reason, justice, and peace
through the power of the Spirit. 
May God bless us in our struggles,
that we may be strengthened and renewed
to persevere in the face of trial. 
May God bless us in our relationships,
that we may love and care for each other
and embody lovingkindness to all. 
May God bless us at day's end
with the peace of Christ,
which surpasses all understanding. 

Holy One, let your light of compassion and comfort
envelop these, your beloveds, for whom we pray.


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