Thursday, July 20, 2017

Prayer, Day 1637: We belong to God

A rainbow cast against the floor and walls of the Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC.

O God, You have given us our breath:
it is right that we use it to sing and glorify your ever-present Love.
May our thankfulness to You resound with each beat of our hearts. 

You are the center of our being:
may we make our hearts a fit dwelling place for your Spirit.
You have called us to truly love one another:
may we shrug off the coils of envy and resentment that choke us.
May we unlearn all that anger has taught us,
that hope and generosity may take root in our souls. 

May your peace calm all our fears,
as rain is soaked up by a dry and thirsty land.
May we turn our eyes from the mountains and valleys in our path
to the glorious light of your mercy and truth.
O Shepherd, protect us from the wolves that prowl among us:
may we hear, know, and trust your promises. 

Now, O Eternal One, accept the prayers of your people for each need which has been offered in love.


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