Sunday, June 4, 2017

Prayer, day 1591- Pentecost Sunday

The West Cupola in the Basilica di San Marco in Venice depicts Pentecost (mosaic, 1100CE). Photo from the Web Gallery of Art.

Come, Holy Spirit, and renew our hearts and our minds that we may be animated to bear the holy fire of joy and faithfulness into the world. 

May we be united to one another and to Christ as one body, to set our entire beings upon worshipping and serving our God. 
May we be filled with holy forbearance and peace, inspired by love to tend to Christ in the least of those we meet. 
May goodness and gentleness take root in our hearts, breaking us open to new life in Christ our Savior and his Gospel. 

Come, Holy Spirit, we pray, and spread your sheltering wings over those who call upon You.


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