Saturday, June 3, 2017

Prayer 1590: for reconciliation with creation

The Yosemite Valley.

Holy One, we lift our hearts to You,
praising and blessing your steadfast lovingkindness.

You, O God, formed this beautiful Earth
that cradles us and bears us in tenderness:
may we love and tend it faithfully.
You made us from the stuff of Earth and of stars
to remind us of our unity with all creation.
May we see your charity in every wind-stirred leaf,
and birdsong remind us to sing your praise.

By your hand, O God, may we be led to wisdom;
may we yield to goodness and resist evil.
You have made us by love and for love:
unite us to your Son in gentleness and mercy.
May your Spirit pour over us like rain
to reconcile with the whole Earth
in the name of justice and peace.

Merciful God:
Earth-maker, Redeemer, Life-Giver,
may we rejoice in your call to service.
Spread the awning of your blessing over us,
and over those whom we now remember.


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