Sunday, May 14, 2017

Prayer, day 1570: On Mothers' Day

Two summers ago, Mom and I took a road trip on the *original* Route 66 from Tulsa to Oklahoma City. We found this quirky little museum of Americana along the way, run by this amazing gentleman. Every inch of this place was filled with oddities. Here is his homage to the aliens who landed in Roswell, NM: and my Mother hams it up. As usual.

Blessed Lord Jesus, we rise to gather in your courts, to give honor and praise to your holy name! 

Holy One, we thank You for all who have guided us with a mother's hand in our lives. O God, bless all mothers: 
birth mothers, 
mothers-in-law, and 
mothers of the heart. 

Open our eyes to see your presence in those who have adopted us, loved us, taught us, and nurtured us, drawn to us in love. 

Help us to ourselves be loving signs of grace and acceptance in the world, that we may spread motherly love throughout our lives. 

Bless those mothers who are gone from us, or are far away, as we remember them and honor them in love. 

With your arms stretched wide, Lord Christ, envelop us in your truth, and give us a new birth of hope and faith, we pray. Gather to your heart, sweet Jesus, those whose needs we lay before you.


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