Saturday, May 13, 2017

Prayer 1659: inspired by Frances Perkins

Frances Perkins was also an Episcopaliam who lived an intentional life of service.
She is remembered as a saint today in the Episcopal Calendar.

God came among us to sing out truth and compassion,
with compassionate hands the lowly were healed.
Let us therefore bow in gratitude before our God,
and be nurtured and strengthened in wisdom and grace.
Let us carry ourselves and each other in paths of peace,
acting in love, in honor, and in humility.
Let our hearts be ruled by the peace of Christ,
acting for good and justice wherever we can.
Holy One, breathe your spirit into us
and bless us to do the work of reconciliation you have given us.
Press your blessing upon those who call upon You,
especially those whose needs we now offer.


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