Sunday, May 28, 2017

Prayer 1584: Ascension Sunday

O God, we bless and praise You,
lifting our hearts before You as we come before your altar.
When we survey the marvelous beauty of creation,
O God, how can we keep from singing?
Rise up, O soul, and seek the Holy One;
place your trust in the gospel of love, and be free.
Knit together in your grace, O Spirit of Hope,
make us one people;
let us stand against anger, envy, and malice.
Lord Jesus, we lift our eyes to see your glory;
in your wondrous mercy guide us,
that we may reflect your truth in the world.
Plant us deep within your peace, Lord Christ,
and make us a blessing to all we meet,
walking in mercy and kindness.
Lord, you gather to you even the fallen sparrows;
draw unto yourself those whose needs we remember.


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