Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Prayer 1525: Morning by morning your mercies I see

The path towward light

(inspired by the poetry of John Keble)

In thankfulness for the light
singing its way into being,
we give You praise, O God,
for your unfailing mercy and love.

You abide with us
in both sorrow and in joy,
in anxiety and in rest;
your mercies are new every morning.

Awaken us to see your face, Lord Christ,
in all your beloved creation,
in those known and unknown to us.

Help us to amend our hearts and steps
to walk in your beauty and light,
upholding us all our days.

Help us remember that heaven is our home,
and our home is beneath our feet,
in this good earth filled with light and love.

Dear Jesus, guard the hearts and hopes
of all those who turn to You,
sustaining us by your grace,
as we make our prayer to you.


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