Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Prayer 1524- led by Love

Calla lily, San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission, Carmel, California.

Come, Blessed Redeemer, and be our guide,
for the night is past,
and we seek to abide with you this day.
May we walk in gentleness and love with each other,
and seek to serve God in all persons.
May we be led by the Love
which sustains all the earth,
and be strengthened to work for justice and truth.
May we be witnesses in compassion,
healing the wounds of injustice and enmity,
for the sake of Christ our Savior.
May we be led by the Holy Spirit to newness of life,
to see with the eyes of our hearts
the unity of all creation.

Lord Jesus, abide with those who work,
or watch,
or weep this day,
and strengthen those whose faith is known to you alone.
Pour out the balm of your mercy
upon all who seek their way,
and upon those whom we remember before You, as we pray.


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