Friday, March 24, 2017

Prayer 1520- Make us a holy people

Cairn, Osage Monastery Forest of Peace, Sand Springs, OK.

Blessed Savior,
watch over us this day,
for we turn to the radiance of your glory
in faith and trust.

Forgive us, Lord, for all our sins,
and bring us to seek reconciliation
with those we have hurt.

Make us unfailing
in the cause of the oppressed and the vulnerable;
may we seek justice and compassion for the poor.

Uphold us by your Holy Spirit
to bring comfort and companionship
to those who are alone, in mourning, or in pain.

Holy One, make us your holy people,
that through our love
others may come to know You and your grace.

Stretch forth your hand of healing, O God,
upon all whom we remember in our prayers,
and all who cry out to You.


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