Thursday, March 23, 2017

Prayer 1519- for hope in the dawn

The rising sun unveils the beauty of God's creation before us, even after the darkest night.

Lord of Love, who divides night from day,
and watches over us as a mother hen over her children,
grant us grace and peace.
Each breath we have is a gift from You, O Creator;
we live and move and have our being
grounded in your Love.

You are our ever-present help, O God,
and we turn to You
as You hold our souls within your saving hand.
Blessed Jesus, who wept for his friend Lazarus,
comfort those who mourn,
and bring healing to the broken-hearted.
Holy Spirit, come,
kindle your light in those whose hope is faltering,
that they may see to find their way home.

Merciful One, we lay our hearts open before You:
pour your blessing over those whom we remember before You, we pray.


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