Thursday, March 2, 2017

Prayer 1498- in penitence

Winter grasses.

(inspired by the Litany of Penitence for Ash Wednesday, BCP 267)
Holy God, the Author of our Souls, who inscribed your grace and peace in our hearts, we bow before You in gratitude. May we rededicate our hearts to serve God's kingdom with joy and holiness, to the glory of God's Name. Open our hearts anew to your call to serve, Holy One, that we may serve Christ in one another. May we be true to the mind of Christ, proclaiming justice for the oppressed and hope for the weary. May we be led by the Holy Spirit, surrendering our willfulness and trusting fully in You, O God. Redeem us and bless us, O Creating Spirit, and pour out your blessing over those we raise before You.


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