Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Prayer 1497- for Ash Wednesday

The Return of the Prodigal Son, by Rembrandt van Rijn, 1667.

Humbly, let us kneel before our God,
opening our hearts to examine and purify them
for Love's sake.

Holy One, you are the True Vine,
our Portion and our Cup,
Model of Mercy and Justice.
We acknowledge before You
and each other
our manifold sins and wavering intentions,
and ask forgiveness.
Teach us to walk
not in fear
but in integrity, mercy, and love,
and gentle our warring spirits, we pray.
Cleanse and deliver us
from all envy, jealousy, and hatred,
from all that seeks to diminish another
for our own benefit.

Lord, reconcile us to right relationships;
teach us to follow you as our true North Star.
Gentle Savior, you knock at the door
and ask to abide within us:
make us worthy to receive you.
You call us to be your Body in the world,
your witness against evil,
and to reflect your light
through the storms and trials of life.

In all we do,
may we seek to abide in You
in fellowship and compassion.
Lord, we remember before You
those who are in pain, sorrow,
or any kind of trouble.
Send your Spirit to guide us into redemption,
and grant respite and comfort to those for whom we pray.

(citation: John 15:4)

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