Monday, February 27, 2017

Prayer 1495: I lift up my soul to Christ

This portrait of my friend, mentor, and priest, the Rev. Emery Washington, Jr.,
painted by Ms. Tito Gay, was unveiled yesterday at Holy Communion.

Most Precious Savior,
Brother Jesus, Love Incarnate:
guide me in paths of wonder and grace today.
To you, I lift up my soul:
accept my poor offering,
open and renew it, I pray.
Center my scattered thoughts;
within your embrace may I rest and gain strength.
Let me take that strength
to serve as You served,
humbly and with great love and mercy.
Teach me and shape me
to walk gently on this earth,
led by your wisdom and compassion.
Accept my prayers
as they rise to You with the sun,
and open the ear of my heart to hear your Word.
Comfort those who watch, or weep,
and relieve the distress of those who hurt,
especially those we remember before You.


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