Sunday, February 26, 2017

Prayer 1494: Last Sunday After the Epiphany

The reredos in evening light at Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis.

We gather in your courts to worship and obey,
O Light of Lights,
and give thanks for your grace and mercy.
Open our ears to hear your Word, Holy One,
that we may enshrine it upon our hearts
in love and hope.
Lord God, You call us not just to repentance
but to transformation,
that our witness to You may shine in the darkness.
Make us better disciples of your Word,
and give us courage of our convictions
to stand for justice and peace.
Let all we do reflect your glory
and serve You and each other in the name of your Love.
Gather within your embrace all who seek You,
and send your Spirit to comfort those we now name.


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