Monday, February 20, 2017

Prayer 1488: for generous hearts

Pray without ceasing, and let your light shine.

Blessed Savior, we lift our hearts
as the sun rises in the East:
hear our prayers and accept our lives
as we offer them to You.
Forgive us for the sins we have committed
and the sins done through our quiet assent or distraction.
Forgive us for claimed helplessness
in the face of oppression
and denying the power of your Spirit within us.
Make our spirits generous and glad;
save us from those with leanness in their souls.
Give us wisdom, O Lord,
to ask and to work 
for what is good for us:
peace, justice, and fellowship.
Help us to live into your call to us
to work as disciples and beloved brethren
of the Prince of Peace.
Holy One, open the clenched fists of our hearts
to embrace each other
and all creation
in the name of hope as we pray.


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