Sunday, February 19, 2017

Prayer 1487: Seventh Sunday after Epiphany

Morning mist on the lowland fields in the Missouri River bottoms.
O God, your mercy endures forever;
your steadfast love never fades.
Gather us into your house as one people,
united in love, justice, and faith,
seeking to serve You and the world.
Teach us your ways
and inscribe them on our hearts
that we may walk blamelessly before your altars
as children of light and love.
Reconcile us to each other
according to your law of forgiveness and mercy.
Teach us to pray for those who hate us,
that their hearts may be turned
and divisions may cease. 

In all things bring our hearts back
to praise and prayer grounded in your Incarnate Love,
and hear our prayers as we remember these beloveds.


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