Monday, December 26, 2016

Prayer 1435- On St. Stephen's Day

A window at St. Stephe's Episcopal Church in Ferguson, MO.

Almighty, Most Merciful God, bless and keep us this day in all our ways. 
Awaken us to the joy of serving each other with glad and generous hearts. 

May we welcome the newborn Prince of Peace by planting compassion within our hearts. 
Grant us the courage to fight for good and repudiate evils small and great; may we never remain silent in the face of wrong. 
Like your deacon Stephen, may we testify to your gospel with every fiber of our being. 

Holy One, we place before you all those whose peace and well-being has been shattered by violence and persecution. 
Keep watch with those who worry or weep or mourn, Holy Lord, and send your angels to minister to those for whom we pray.


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