Sunday, December 25, 2016

Prayer 1434: On Christmas Day

From last night's Christmas Eve service at Chirch of the Good Shepherd, Town and Country, MO.

Most Holy Savior, we bend the knee of our hearts before You, and place ourselves at your command in gratitude and joy.

May we make our hearts a worthy habitation for your love to live. 
May we, like Mary, bear you with joy into the world for the light of the world. 
May we serve you with steadfast faith and hope for the sake of the world, revealing God's wisdom and truth.
May we be your hands and heart in all our ways, and do your work of reconciliation with joy.
May we turn aside from all that separates us, and remember that we are all children of God, called to lives of compassion. 

Blessed Jesus, place the hand of your blessing on those we now name.


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