Saturday, November 12, 2016

Prayer 1391- In times of anxiety

Calla lily, San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo Mission, Carmel, California.

Holy One, we feel the weight of your hand upon us,
and know You are near.
When we run from You,
and seek our own way,
still You are with us;
your Love is the air we breathe.
When fear rises
like a rogue wave over our heads,
the mighty hand of Our Savior is there,
and You hold us fast.
When a love passes away,
Your love, O Lord, is never shaken,
and abides with us through grief into new light.
When joy comes in the morning,
and truth and peace have embraced,
You are within us in that joy.
Revive our spirits and refresh our souls,
O Lover of All,
and create in us the will to love and serve You
and each other
without fail.
Open our minds to receive your wisdom, O Christ,
that we be Your Body within the world,
all for your Love,
which never ceases.
Bless us and keep us
under the shadow of your wing, Holy One,
and bless all those for whom we pray.


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