Friday, November 11, 2016

Prayer 1390- For Veterans Day/Armistice Day

St. Martin of Tours was a soldier who was converted to following Christ. Here he uses his sword to slice his cloak in two to aid a man who had none. He laid down his sword to found a monastery, and later became bishop.

Veterans' Day
Blessed are You, O God of Unchanging Beauty, who calls us from our beds to rise and lay our hearts before You in prayer. Accept our repentance for our sins, done by us and done on our behalf, and for our silencce in acknowledging them. Lead us, Lord, into new paths of service to You and each other. 

On this day, with warfare raging throughout the world and in our own hearts, make us instruments of peace. Bless and keep especially those who have fought against tyranny and oppression in the armed forces of our land. May we never forget the sacrifice of those who fought for freedom; may we too fight for justice, and be warriors for peace. May we taste the sweet fruits of peace and justice in our time and live with each other in amity, with loving hearts. 

Lord, we place ourselves and our loved one in your keeping, especially those we now name.


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