Thursday, October 13, 2016

Prayer 1361- Prayer of Hope

Clematis buds form two hearts. Kauffman Memorial Gardens in Kansas City.

Let us rise from our beds and sing out a song of hope: our hope rests in God, who is making the heavens and the Earth. The steadfast Love of God endures forever: God's heart encompasses us like a cloud rests on the mountains. 

You have kept faith with us when we were faithless, and shown us the way of love, made flesh in Jesus your Son. You have called us to remember our true natures as followers of Christ: to serve each other and the cause of justice and peace. 

Holy One, place the kiss of blessing upon us that we may be anointed with your peace, which surpasses understanding. Drive far from us all that leads us from light and life: help us cast off fear, distrust, and division. Guide us with your word of truth that we may carry your light within us for the joy of the world. Place your healing hand upon all whose needs we now remember, and grant them your peace and comfort, we pray.


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