Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Prayer 1360- Make us fools for Christ

Hundreds of paper cranes hang in St. Augustine's chapel on the campus of Vanderbilt University.

Holy One, we awaken to serve you with joy: against the tides of darkness, let us sing the light into rising. 

Make us fools for Christ, that we may walk in compassion and mindfulness, at one with all creation. 
Let us embrace the foolishness of love and peace against the world's wisdom of fear and violence, and so follow Jesus. 
Let us embrace the foolishness of hope and justice against the world's expectation of contention and partiality. 
Let us hold fast to each other's hand, and see the face of Christ reflected in the tears of the suffering and oppressed. 

In all we do for good, strengthen us, Lord; in all we do in error, correct us and bring us to repentance and reconciliation. 

Lord, send your Spirit to cover and lift up the hearts of all who falter, and encourage those whose needs we remember.


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