Saturday, October 1, 2016

Prayer 1349: A Prayer for Holiness

This sign along Route 66 between Tulsa and Oklahoma City still is a good reminder.

Most Merciful God, in thankfulness we sing out our praise, and remember your love to us in each moment. 

You have taught us how to walk in your ways: now let us set out in holiness, determined to follow your paths, O God. We know what is good: now let us love and serve You and each other with our whole hearts. 

Forgive us for our failures to act in love and forgiveness, and guide us in paths of compassion and empathy. Transform us by the power of the Holy Spirit to work for justice for the oppressed and mercy for the fallen. 

In all our ways let us be joyful in the service of your kingdom, O Holy One: let our lives testify to your glory. Bless us and keep us under the shadow of your wing, O God, and shield and comfort those for whom we pray.


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