Friday, September 2, 2016

Prayer 1319

Beautiful Tulsa sky, heading out of town.

Holy One, You are ever near; in laughter or in tears, You are with us and share our journey. 

We sit in silence before You and still our minds that we may drink in your abiding Love. 
We place ourselves in the hands of the Almighty and the Merciful: may we be led by your Love Incarnate in our lives. 

Your grace covers us like a cool breeze before a summer shower: forgive us, and give us hearts to reconcile with each other. 
Guide the hands and hearts of those who seek to heal and comfort the afflicted, we pray. 
Help us nurture peace and justice in our hearts, that our words and our lives may testify to your truth, Lord Christ. 

Gather within your embrace all those who seek You or a deeper knowledge of You, or who are in any need or distress.


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