Thursday, September 1, 2016

Prayer 1318- For Creation

O God, Ground of Our Being and Source of All That Is, we give thanks to You for the beauty that surrounds us. 

Stars and galaxies in their courses whirl overhead, blue, red, and gold, the planets themselves testifying to your power bursting forth in creation from time immemorial. 

Our own beautiful earth, sustaining billions of life forms, sings out your praise, and we hear only a whisper of the chorus. 

Grant us wisdom to repent and repair the scars we have left upon the Earth, and turn our hearts from greed and carelessness. 

Make us true lovers of your creation, and help us remember how firmly we are rooted in it and that we find You here. 

Bring us to awareness that heaven is under our feet, and let us walk gently and reverently upon the earth. 

May we feel the thrum of life coming up through our very feet, and rejoice in the Love of the Almighty One who has placed us here. 

 Holy One, send your renewing Spirit over the face of the Earth and into our hearts. 

May we ever give thanks and gratitude to the One who is making heaven and earth. 

Restore and strengthen all who call on You for healing and comfort, precious Lord.


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