Thursday, August 18, 2016

Prayer 1304

From the American Window by Marc Chagall, Art Institute of Chircsgo.

Come, Lord Jesus, and let us bend the knee of our hearts before You, offering our hearts to be filled with your love. Most Merciful God, we give You thanks and praise: Earthmaker, Painbearer, Life-Giver. 

May we root ourselves within your love and service like a forest of mighty oaks, drawing all our nourishment from You. 
May we reach out our arms in love to You in praise, and to each other in compassion and justice. 
May we dig deep in your gospel of peace, and stand unshaken within its truths and challenges to love more fully. 

Send forth your Wisdom, O God Most High, to guide us into the determination to transform ourselves in holiness by faith. Heal us of the vanities that lead us astray, and unite us to You and each other, restored through love. 

Redeemed by your promise of love, O Holy One, we ask your blessing upon those who call upon You.


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