Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prayer 1303

A view of the ceiling at the Basilica of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

We rise to pray to You and give You thanks and worship, Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer: hear our prayers and praises. 
For the beauty of the Earth, we give thanks, O Creator; for the wisdom to cherish and tend it, we pray. 
For the light of Christ, our Model, Redeemer, and Healer, we give thanks, O God; for the will to follow in his path of peace, we pray. 
For the grace and mercy by which we are reconciled, we give thanks, O Merciful One; for the forgiveness of our sins, we pray. 
For saints among us embodying hope and healing, we give thanks, O Holy Spirit; for the strength to do likewise, we pray. 

Lord Jesus, gather us within your embrace, and place your blessing upon those we now name.


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