Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prayer, day 1267: for reconciliation

Icon of the Risen Christ, written by Evan Smith, St. Paul's, Carondelet

O Lord, You are our strength and our shield: have mercy upon us and guide us into wisdom. Let your Word revive our spirits, and may our hope be fed by your never-failing care. 

Protect us, O Rock, from the slings and arrows of those who do not understand us, and let us always root our actions in love. Teach us compassion and diligence in inscribing your commandments upon our hearts. 

Comfort us when we mourn for what we have left behind, and be healed of the pain in our pasts. Help us be present in each moment as a gift from You, remembering that faith is grounded in hope. 

Shine the light of your countenance upon us, O Loving One, and hear our prayers that we raise to You.



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