Monday, July 11, 2016

Prayer 1266

Detail from a table at St. Augustine's Chapel, Vanderbilt University

Most Merciful God, we thank You for your care of us as we have rested: gather us within your hand and guide us, we pray. 

For our hardness of heart against You and each other, we humbly ask your forgiveness and mercy. 

Let us sing a new song, a song of peace, whose melody is rooted in the music our Savior taught us in all his ways. 
Let us shine forth with the glory of our God, proclaiming grace through our lives, O Incarnation of Love Divine. 
Let us put healing hands and hearts toward the divisions that hurt us, and vow to live and work for the cause of love. 

Fill us with the power and beauty of the Holy Spirit, O Creator God, and shelter and bless those for whom we pray.


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