Friday, June 17, 2016

Prayer 1242: prayer for blessing

Almighty God, we raise our hearts to You in thanks and praise, and ask your blessing upon this day. 

Bless those who labor, that they may be blessed with rest and security after their toil for us all. 

Bless those who seek to heal: inspire their hands and minds; guide their skill and reason to bring comfort to the suffering. 

Bless those who doubt, who engage their faith and God-given reason to seek deeper knowledge of You. 

Bless those who take up their strength and power to determine to use it for the common good and love of neighbor. 

Bless those who mourn, and may those who can bring them peace be willing to act out of love and compassion. 

We pray to You, Lord Jesus, for the particular needs and cares of these thy children.


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