Thursday, June 16, 2016

Prayer 1241

Reredos in evening light, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis.

Blessed Jesus, we rise to give you thanks and praise, and kneel before you in gratitude for for your steadfast love. 

Set our feet upon the path of peace and wisdom, Lord, that we may bear your light into the world. 
Break the stubborn faithlessness with which we view the world, O Savior, and help us to see its abundant beauty. 
Inspire us to honor you, our Redeemer, by tending to the world and each other, that we may embody your grace and truth. 

O Holy One, throw your arms around all those who falter, suffer, or worry from lack of security or peace. Shield all those who work to heal the world and the wounded within it. Merciful God, we ask your encompassing blessing upon those we now name.


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