Thursday, June 2, 2016

Prayer 1227: for an end to gun violence

Lighting a candle for Michael Brown, August 10, 2014.

Most Merciful God, our faces warmed in the rays of the rising sun, we rise also and give your thanks and praise. Guide us, we pray, throughout this day. 

Help us to love rather than fear, and stretch out our hands in brotherhood rather than anger. 
Give us the courage to dare, and the perseverance to press on in the face of challenges. 
Give us the wit to solve problems and the strength to help those who call upon us. 
Give us healing hearts and helping hands, that we may put our shoulders to the wheel of your kingdom. 

Blessed Savior, abide in our hearts, that there be no more room for anything but love, faith, and joyful discipleship. Holy One, place your hand of blessing upon us this day, and upon those whose cares we lay at your feet.


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