Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Prayer 1226

Holy One, enter into our hearts, we pray, that we may see anew the beauty of thy handiwork, and be glad. 

Let us consider our steps, and be mindful of our ways, that we may reflect the light of Christ into the world. 
Let us burn bright with the hope of grace and reflect the mercy of God, which we ourselves have received, into the world. 
Let us seek to put away rancor and spite, that we may reflect the generosity and compassion of the Holy Spirit into the world. 
Let us repair our relationship with creation and with God and each other. 

Restore our spirits, Lord Christ, that our hearts may beat true within us, in joy and gratitude for each breath. Turn your face toward those in need, O Savior, and place the hand of power of blessing upon those we now name.


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