Monday, May 2, 2016

Prayer 1196- For Rededication to Service

 On Rogation Sunday, the Rev. Pamela Dolan leads the people in asking a blessing of Shepherd Farm,
which produces hundreds of pounds of food for the area's hungry.

Blessed Lord, we bow before You, giving thanks for all your blessings in our lives: in your mercy, hear our prayer. Turn our hearts, O God, that we may be made new in Christ, through whom all things were made. Bless and keep us, O Merciful One, that we may serve You in each other and be a blessing in the world. May we open our spirits to be one with all creation, loving your handiwork in which we have our home. Through your love, O Savior, let us seek reconciliation, and be compassionate and mindful of our actions upon all living things. Send forth your Spirit over all who are suffering or in need, precious Lord, especially those we hold in our hearts.


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