Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prayer 1195- Rogation Day

Reflections of the setting sun on the chapel altar, Church of the Holy Communion, University City, Missouri.

Almighty God, we join the chorus of praise as the morning stars sing out a song of ongoing creation and blessing. We rise to set our feet toward thy courts, and to gather as one people around your altars to give you thanks. Make our hearts fertile fields to manifest your saving help in the world, we pray.

O Creator who established the foundations of the universe, we thank You for setting your plumb line in our hearts. Let us work for the peace, equity, and justice we see modeled in your Holy Communion. Let us seek to do the work of the company of saints in proclaiming your kingdom of peace and well-being for all. Let us live out your gospel and be living testaments to your glorious love and faithfulness in service to others. 

Lord Christ, we offer you our all, for all comes from you: renew clean hearts within us, we pray. Stretch forth your healing hand over all who are suffering or in need, precious Lord, especially those we now name.


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