Friday, April 8, 2016

Prayer 1172- hope in times of testing

Seminarians thinking long and hard before their exams-- window in the McCarthy Room at Eden Seminary.

Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, You are our good above all others: accept our praises and our prayers in like measure, we pray. We rise with a song of joy engraved on our hearts, stirred by the brush of angel wings as You have protected us in the night. 

Earth-Maker, Pain-bearer, Life-giver, your love is written in our bones: may we breathe out your grace, and be a blessing. Help us to sing out your wisdom, O God, and uphold us in your grace that we may testify to your truth and saving power. 

Let us place the Wisdom of God always before us: borne up by your encompassing Love, we shall never fall. Let your loving-kindness enlighten our souls, O Holy One: your gospel, like honey, sustains us and strengthens us always. 

Resting within your embrace, bounded within your mantle of grace, we place our cares before You, and ask your blessing as we pray.


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