Thursday, April 7, 2016

Prayer 1171: Love heals

Lord, we are on a journey: guide and direct our hearts to receive your word of grace within our lives. 

Some days we skip along the surface like a stone: help us to embrace those days as blessings from You, O God. Some days we struggle not to sink below the waters of turmoil: help us to reach out to hands of love around us. 

Help us to amend our lives, celebrating that each day is a new page awaiting words of peace and shalom. Let us seek to embody compassion, forgiveness and renewal, forgiving ourselves and forgiving each other. Let us seek to love those whose paths have been paths of pain and whose choices have been constrained. Let us steep ourselves like tea leaves in the warm waters of justice and seek to nourish and comfort those we meet. 

 Holy One, we know that shared prayers are strengthened prayers: accept the petition of our hearts we place before You.


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