Friday, April 1, 2016

Prayer 1165- for Easter Friday

This plant is known as "Bshop's Hat."

Most Merciful God: hope dawns within us as we meditate on your steadfast love: let our prayer rise to You. The mercy of God endures forever: may our hearts be new every morning, and our praises rise like incense. 

Renew a right spirit within us, O God our Father, that we may serve the cause of justice, compassion, and peace.  Awaken the spirit of mercy and forbearance within our hearts, O Christ our Brother, that we see the light of God in all. Enflame us with the Spirit of wisdom and love, O Spirit our Teacher, and keep our hearts in a Mother's embrace. 

Accept our morning sacrifice of praise, O Holy One, and make your face shine upon those for whom we pray.


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