Thursday, March 31, 2016

Prayer 1164- inspired by Psalm 146 (for Easter Thursday)

Applause for the beauty of music by the Clayton Trio on Easter Sunday, 2016,
at Church of the Good Shepherd, Town and Country, Missouri.
Almighty God, Creator and Protector, we praise You and bless You, whose steadfast love endures forever: hear our prayer. Let us praise the Lord throughout all our days, who is our help and our foundation.
Beloved Savior, even when we falter, your faithfulness endures throughout the ages: You never leave our side. You know each hope within our hearts: just as with the stars in the sky, you have created us and call us each by name. By your example in Christ Jesus, let us work for freedom, healing, and welcome for the oppressed and the stranger. Reign in our hearts, Lord Christ, and let us be ruled by love in place of fear: let us be mindful, forgiving, and compassionate to all, even to those who have hurt us. Beloved One, we put all that we are in your hands: bless and keep those we now name, we pray. Amen.

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