Saturday, March 5, 2016

Prayer 1138

Icon in the chapel at St. John's Tower Grove, St. Louis.

Blessed, Holy One, bear me up on the wings of the morning, that I may turn my face to your light and truth. May the words I speak and the work I do reveal your kingdom in the word, O Savior. 

Like a fresh spring of living water, so is your gospel to me, Merciful One. I am refreshed and renewed in body and spirit because your abundant love covers me like a mantle, O God. May my voice be added to the song of gratitude that hums in all creation, and bursts forth like a wave upon the shore. May the Spirit of God move over the still waters of my heart, and bring forth new life and hope. 

Like a little child, I put my hand in yours, Lord Christ: my hope and my trust rests always in your mercy and truth. 

United with brothers and sisters in the love of Christ, we raise before You those in need of prayer, Almighty God.


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