Thursday, March 3, 2016

Prayer 1136

How much would change if we recognized the image of God in every person?
Photo from Ferguson, Missouri, August 14, 2014.
 Almighty God, on bended knee we approach your throne, worshiping You and giving You thanks. You are our rock and our shield, O God: your steadfast love is as sweet as honey, and our hearts are nourished by your promise of mercy.

Renew us in understanding and in love, that we may cast aside all that divides us from each other and drives us from your ways. 

Help bring us to peace, dear Lord, where there is division, hatred, rancor, and malice: bless us as peacemakers, we pray. 

Give us gentle, discerning hearts, Lord Christ, that we may walk in hope toward reconciliation and wholeness. Strengthen us when we stumble or fall, O Holy One, and shelter us within the tender arms of your mercy. 

We ask that your comfort and blessing envelop all who seek You, Lord, especially those we lift before You in prayer.


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